Final glimpses of Venice


Back in airports from here-on out! Aaron and I leave Italy at 1:10pm for Athens. We’re done with riding trains since our next travel day will be traveling home.

Venice was great, yesterday we basically tore apart the whole city and walked everywhere. We had lunch and then had a lovely gondola ride, then went back to the hotel/hostel and I had a fierce nap. I slept awfully the night before since I was stressing out over my ‘To-Do’ list for when I get home.

Looking forward to Greece, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a new city! Our hostel is in a primo location too, we’re right in the Acropolis.

Return to Venice, more photos!

Today I said so long to Rome and headed back to Venice for a second visit! I’m sure I’ll go back to Rome yet in my lifetime. Anyway, had a leisurely wake up since our train wasn’t until quarter to noon. I watched some lady eat a raw onion like an apple on the train two seats up  from me. It was bizzare.

Our hotel/hostel is pretty lovely, and right beside the train station in Venice. Thankfully Venice is so small we walked from the top of the city to the bottom today just fine. Aaron and I strolled to San Marco and found an amazing masquerade shop along the way. I was intending to buy mom a jester mask but this one had AMAZING animal masks, as you can see from my photos. I bought a black and red-orange crow mask that I’m totally wearing next halloween. There was also an amazing T-Rex mask, SO many cool dragons, and a chameleon mask I’d totally buy but I can only ship so many haha. I might go buy another one tomorrow… Aaron will need to keep me away from the shop.

Anyway, enjoy the photos! We have a full day here tomorrow as well so there will be more. I hope to find more neat stuff to buy. This is the only place I’d buy souviners from. Miss you, everyone! I’ll be home in 4 days, can’t wait!

Oh, I also bought a mini version of one of my dogs, Bono, while in Rome so he has been keeping me company. I miss my doggies. Gonna give them the biggest cuddles when I get home.

Vatican City round 2, part 4

Vatican City round 2, part 3

Vatican City round 2, part 2

Yesterday Aaron and I went to the Vatican City, well it was my second time there, but it was great! We took the metro there and endured the gauntlet of tour-group recruiters who try and sell you  group passes every few steps. It was a great day for it though, there was literally NO line to get into the museum when we got there around like…10am or so. And I got to actually spend an appropriate amount of time in the galleries this time instead of being rushed through in under 2 hours like before. Aaron really dug St. Peter’s basilica, he was totally breathtaken with the whole thing. I enjoyed the Greek and roman galleries! There was one gallery of roman marble statues exclusively of animals: it was amazing! Solid day, we got back to the hostel just before 5pm and I took us to the Capuchin monk crypt on the way back as well. But I digress, check out the photos from Vatican City round 2!

Listen as I gracefully explain the symbology of the Trevi Fountain and that Poseidon has abs like a washboard.

At the Hofbrauhaus!